We are a team of friends that work in the mining industry in Mongolia. Mining sites occupy big territories and affect the life of herders, in both good and bad ways.  We believe each one of us has a role in protecting the cultural heritage and traditional values of Mongolia.

The herders live off the products of their animals. But many of them are selling all their livestock and leaving their homeland to become the urban unemployed. It is not the city lights that attract nomadic herders. It is a lack of adequate income that makes herders sacrifice their way of life.


To help reverse this trend, we decided to create a product using this wonderful organic source and contribute to the preservation of our traditional nomadic life and culture.  As a result, we can provide warmth that everyone deserves in cold winters.


Woolie is cruelty-free 

The connection between herder and animals in Mongolia is unique.  Yaks shed their winter coat when spring comes. Our yak fiber is sourced only by hand-combing at that time, making it completely cruelty-free.

Woolie is environment-friendly

An excessive increase in the number of cashmere goats in Mongolia has led to overgrazing and our grassland is in danger of desertification. Unlike goats, Yaks graze in high mountains, so they don’t contribute to overgrazing. 

Woolie shirts are 100% organic

Woolie is made with undyed, 100% organic fiber. It is hypoallergenic, and resistant to odor and water. Even if you're allergic to wool, you can wear Woolie worry-free. 


Woolie helps to preserve the nomadic way of life

Woolie shirts are 100% organic, cruelty-free and environment-friendly just like the traditional Mongolian way of nomadic life which is all about harmony between nature, animal, and human beings. Woolie needs your support because:

Mongolia’s herder culture, one of the last on earth, is viewed by some as not being relevant in today’s modern world. But the herders are the only carriers of tangible and intangible heritages of nomadic culture. Your support will help nomads feel engaged and valued. 



Women with Yak